Three die, eight dey hospital for Cameroon afta deh chop fufu and njama-njama

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Sadness dey for one family for Limbe, Southwest region for Cameroon as three pipo die afta deh chop fufu and vegetables, njama njama. Eight odas di respond for treatment for Limbe regional hospital.

Fufu-corn and vegetables (njama njama), weh na kontri chop for grass-field pipo for northwest, na some chop weh almost all man di chop am for Cameroon just now.

But tins dem turn bad when Gladys Ebai 66 and Shella Ebai 38 daughter chop fufu-corn and njama-njama den die afta.

Dr Denis Nsame, Director for Limbe regional hospital tell tori pipo say deh bring de first two pipo dem about 6:30 pm but de two die as deh di reach hospital.

De tori na say de family chop for afternoon den shiddon di watch tv and all a sudden deh start feel bad. De signs dem be bi na stiff arm and legs, deh rush dem for hospital, but deh die.

Hospital ask make deh bring all man afta deh hear de tori, den Che Sharon, 3 years also die afta 25 minutes when e reach hospital, Dr Same tok.

Dr Nsame say hospital place tube inside eight pipo dia belle for wash all tin and start laboratory test for see weti kill dem. De hospital also take de sample for chop for see weti dey inside.

But we first see say na chemical weh e affect dia nerves, afta de investigation deh go know de real chemical, Dr Nsame tok.

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Another thing we de for inside dis tori