Pascal Siakam: “Ah wan train young pipo for basketball weh na evri tin about life’

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Pascal Siakam champion, for National Basketball Association, NBA , most improved player, from Douala don di follow footstep for e mentor, Masai Ujiri president for Toronto Raptors and Giants of Africa for give back for e community.

Siakam join NGO weh e di promote basketball Siakam, Giants of Africa, kam kontri for training camp, den start e project for give back.

Siakam launch e own basketball clinic for Douala weh e wan turn'am for Basketball Skills Academy.

For de clinic, deh give videos and weti deh fit learn about basketball, but also teach dem life skills, make deh go outside wit positive message, use'am for society as de training no bi only about basketball but also about life.

"All man no go play for NBA but we fit train young pipo for become respectable for society, get values, know say deh get for work hard, respect taim and deh fit change style", Siakam tok.

"Make de youths dem aim for be beta dan we and even do more dam we, make dem also kam train oda young pipo make de chain get for continue", na Siakam e idea for de academy.

Siakam wan helep young pipo, not only for basketball but teach dem life skills, de tins dem weh deh make dem beta pipo and leaders for society. From dis one day clinic, we get two day camp and den academy.

We wan make kids play, get opportunity for go learn book for America or play basketball, make deh see demsef for some high place, e tok.

Nigerian, Masai Ujiri, na de big brain behind Siakam e academy and big encouragement especially as e show say willpower key for work and say e make sense for helep oda pipo.

Na Masai Ujiri shine eye see Siakam, give opportunity for play and e work hard sotei reach top level, NBA champion wit Toronto Raptors, most improved player.

Masai say e kam for Cameroon wit players laik Pascal Siakam for show youths say African pipo de fit play, reach top level, work for NBA.

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